Trying new 'dos'

The inspiration for this hair style was found at  I am definitely trying new styles since my daughter is interested in letting me try new styles.  yeah for me! I thought this hair style was cute with our mini korker bows.  Enjoy!


Jenn said...

This same hair do over at Kori's site caught my eye too- You have no idea how hard I laughed as I got set up to post about your bow. Thank you again for the opportunity to show you gals off a little bit. I hope it helps. And I hope you like what I had to say about you- You are very talented and I hope to see much more from you gals in the future.

The Petersons said...

Cute style!!! And, the bows really make it darling. I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for letting me feature some of your fun stuff. Your clips really do hold amazingly well.

PS-I love that you and Jenn had the same hair inspiration at the same time. Funny!