Nylon Headbands!

These headbands are great! They are gentle on the head. With the loop on the top, you can slide bows or flowers as a nice accessory. These headbands are so cute on and are a great necessity for any girl's outfit.
Textured Grey Nylon Headband
Brown Nylon Headband with Teal Ribbon
Textured Brown Nylon Headband
White Nylon Headband
Checkered Nylon Headband
Medium Purple Hawaiian Flower w/ Grey Nylon Headband


Smart Bunny said...

Quick question-- can you custom make bows and other hair things? I would love to have several items made to match my 9-year old daughters school uniform. Her uniform has red in it and I would like some hair peices w/ red that match! THanks!
Lori Willard

Smart Bunny said...

ok- I'm embarrassed. I just read that you do make custom bows and I should contact you using an email address-- sorry everyone!!!

Lori Willard

Morgan and Joel said...

LOVE the checkered headband. Britt, is that the argyle one that you were telling me about? If you make it big enough, I'm sure that I'll look smashing in one too. Do you guys have any pics of one of your girls wearing one of these headbands? I'm curious what they look like on.