Flower Bows

Our flower bows are one of a kind! It is attached to an easy slide clip that can easily glide in your hair or even attach to a headband. These bows are hand crafted and are simply adorable!
All of the flower bows are Approx. 4 1/2" wide on a double prong clip
Each one is priced at $6.00.

Red Saddle Stitched Flower bow
Out of Stock

Pink Polka-dot Flower Bow

You can see the above flower bow on a feature post at girlydos.blogspot.com!
Brown Polka Dot Flower Bow
Red Polka-dot Flower Bow

Purple Polka-dot Flower Bow

Halloween Flower Bow
Christmas Tree Flower Bow

Black and White with dots

Black and Cream Plaid Flower Bow


The Kingston 5 said...

I love these bows. How much are they?

Hadlock Hideaway said...

These are a steal at $6.00!

Alyssa Mackaman said...

those bows are so cute