Big Korker Bows

Our Big Korker Bows are a must have! They are positioned on a slide clip. They look adorable on the hair as well as any headband. They are trendy and are hand crafted so that each bow has its own personality.
All of our Big Korker bows are Approx. 3" wide on double prong clips

Purple/White/Purple Polka-dot Korker Bow

Pink/Brown/White Korker Bow

Pink/Cream/Brown Polka-dot Korker Bow

Black/White/Red Polka-Dot Korker Bow

Pink/White/Green Polka-dot Korker Bow

Christmas Big Korker Bow

Blue w/dots/Blue/White Korker Bow

Halloween Korker Bow

Pink/White w/polka-dots and flowers Korker Bow

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