The Woven Headbands are here!!!

This calls for a FREE GIVEAWAY... wouldn't you say!?!

I am still experimenting with the colors that I want to offer.

So, the only thing you need to do is leave me a comment telling me

what colors

you would like to put on your daughter or to give to a friend.

It can be one, two, three, or four colors.

Then I will randomly pick a winner.

The winner will receive a woven headband in the colors that the winner suggested :)

I will then make all of the others suggested and offer them on the blog!!!

This one is the pink, purple, blue, and white!

This one is salmon, purple, gray, and teal!
The colors to choices are...

black, white, cream, gray, brown, apple green, dark green, teal, blue, pale blue, purple, deep purple, pale purple, yellow, pale yellow, orange, red, pink, salmon... and many more. Good Luck!

The contest will end on April 1st at midnight!

Post as many as you like... I am not putting a limit on this one :)

They will be able to be purchased at $8.00 each!

Flowers, bows, and clips of all sorts can easily slip in the ribbon to top of the look!


Alli said...

oh Angela.. so many choices.. I think Purple and yellow would look way cute. also Pink, purple and green. Pink and green.. I love the one's you did also!! DARLING!! Love it!

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Got this one through email... Thanks April, you're in.

Their school colors are navy, gold/yellow, and white.

But Amber would probably like one too, so lets do some pink, white, yellow, and spring green for the spring months ahead.



BFree said...

I am a fan of basics. You could do just a plain brown and a plain black. I think apple green and brown would be cute too. :)

Hoffman Heaven said...

Love the headbands! Good idea and great job!
I am thinking that these would all look cool.

1. Crimson and Gold, the colors of USC (basically a deepish red and golden yellow)

2. Brown, Pink, and Cream

3. Purple, and like a Lime Green and maybe a decorated ribbon that has both colors in it.

4. Purple, and Teal

JakenDebbie said...

These are VERY cute. I would pick something simple...I love the idea of brown and apple green or brown and cream. Love them! :)

Nancye said...

I would love to have maroon, white, and navy to match my daughter's school uniform. Thanks for the chance.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Alianna said...

I found you through Shaunell's Hair. The headbands are super cute! I'd do one in cream, apple green and brown. Oooh, or pale purple, teal and blue, or pale blue.

This is fun!

Holly Friel said...

I like Pink and lime green or Pink and Purple, also Black and Purple and black and Pink would be cute also. they are darling. Purple and Cream would also be fabulous. Love them all!